• Challenges We Solve

    Decreasing Revenue. Low Team Morale. Strengthen Relationships. Develop Managers.

  • Methodology We Use

    Our SmAC (Specific, Methodical, and Consistent) Recipe for serving our clients.

    The world needs more love... and so does your organization.

  • Workshops We Deliver

    For gutsy companies willing to advance.

    Platinum Rule

    Relationship Strategies

    This workshop will help you communicate more effectively by teaching you the abilities to build rapport with anyone, eliminate personality conflicts and make interactions mutually beneficial rather than a contest of wills.

    LEAP! Be at Your Best

    How to Handle Hostile Customers

    Being your customer’s hero when they are frustrated, angry, agitated or disgruntled requires a strategic game plan. LEAP! Be at Your Best will provide you with a road map to navigate the difficult situation and achieve a positive outcome in the process.


  • Industries We Serve

    By taking time to understand your team and organization, Ovation Group is able to

    deliver customized solutions to fit your needs.


    Lead the way

    Dealer groups must combat margin compression, ever increasing auction fees and floor planning expenses by activating their most valuable resource, their people. An engaged workforce is the secret to growth.


    Create spectacular experiences

    With the emergence of online market places for lodging, hotels and hospitality providers need the tools to build customer loyalty and exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.


    Force for change

    The competition for scarce donors and volunteers has never been more pressing. Shrinking government support and slipping donor contributions cause Nonprofits to run lean which creates burnout and turnover. A healthy culture is the key to longterm success.


    Adopt holistic pedagogy

    In education, the relationship between student and teacher is foundational. To develop the leaders of tomorrow educators need to understand themselves and their students holistically to bridge achievement gaps.

  • Opinions We Share

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    February 23, 2020 · Automotive,Employee Engagement,Employee Feedback,HR,Culture Booster
    You've waited six years for your apple seedling to grow into a tree. Once your appletree starts...
    June 14, 2019 · Automotive
    Dear Dealer Principal, If I asked you, "what keeps you up at night?" or asked a different way, ...
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